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Linsn TS802 LED Card,SD802D LED Control Card J31

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5V, 2A
Can put inside the PC by PCI slot, or put outside the PC by adding a 5V power supply.
One TS802 LED Sending card can max support 2048(width)*640(height) pixels (with U and D outputs).
One SD802D led control card with one network cable output can support 1600*400 or 2048*320 pixels.
Model 802 has the audio data transmission function. To apply TS802's audio function, a function board is needed.
Its dip switch can realize max four cards cascaded, to meet a larger resolution needs (eg.2048*1152,4096*640,4096*1152 etc.)
TS802 is full-color sender, can control real pixel, virtual pixel,full-color, double colorand single color display.

Model801 can max support 1280*1024pixels

Model802 can max support 2048*1152pixels

Single card model 802 can control 2048*640pixels

Model802 has been added the voice transmission and cascade functions

Function:Receiving signals from computer then fedding to receiving card/receiver/scan board.If you want to play DVDs,live show videos,you can choose our led video processor to get a better image.

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